Concierge Services

Conceirge Services are available for the busy professional who requires additonal attention to his or her schedule and concerns. Concierge Services include always being seen the day your request a session and you may request as many sessions as you require in a week. We may feel confined by a 50 minute session and the session may be prolonged if you or I feel it is necessary. Extended hours and weekend appointments are also available with concierge services if requested. If you travel or have a full schedue this may suit your needs better than other types of services.

Please call me at 704 280 8450 to discuss charges and benefits. I look forward to discussing
your needs with you.

Concierge Services are availabe for self pay clients at a higher fee schedule.  Here are some Do's and Dont's for very important reasons for self-pay. This is also addressed in my informed consent.

The most important involves confidentiality and personal control of your therapy.

You may prefer this as well if:

• You Do want to have access to me whenever you feel the need, even during "off hours;"

• You Do value your emotional health and the life-long benefits of living without anxiety, reducing the effects of depression or creating positive relationships;

• You do not want to be labeled with a psychiatric diagnosis (Unfortunately, some therapists will provide a dubious diagnosis in order to receive reimbursement.
(This is both unethical and illegal, and can hardly be the basis for a therapeutic relationship of trust.);

• You do not want that diagnosis of "mental illness" to follow you throughout your insured life, possibly affecting the cost of your coverage or even your ability to
acquire coverage for health or disability at a later time;

• You Do want your personal history to remain confidential (since your therapist is no longer responsible for confidentiality once it is in the hands of untold numbers of insurance workers);

• You Do want to choose your own therapist rather than one from a list of names contracted with the insurance company;

• You Do want treatment decisions, such as treatment plan and number of sessions, to be made privately by the two of us, not by a third party.